All folders are empty, but music is still playing

Hello There,

I own a Sansa Clip, bought 2009, and i love it. Really. Well, I wanted so save my music so I plugged it into the Laptop, but awkwardly all the music, audiobook etc.pp folders were empty. But Win 7 shows that it’s packed with 4GB (which is right). And I can still listen to the music.

So, the problem is, that I can’t make any backup because the files won’t appear. I would like to, since i want to set it back for higher volume (the old problem).

I hope you can help me and that my english is not to terrible :slight_smile:

The USB connection has three options, MSC, MTP and Auto. The default is Auto which will use MTP mode if the host machine supports that mode, else it will connect in MSC mode.

Music loaded in one mode will not show when connected to the computer in the alternate mode although the player itself will play all music loaded. So that is most likely your problem, just try the alternate mode. It’s best to avoid auto, particularly if you use more than one machine or os to connect.