Why is Music folder empty?

I connected my player to my PC via the standard usb. I dragged & dropped various music files (mp3 format) from my PC to the player. The music is visible on the player & can be listened to also. My PC correctly recognises the player when I connect it but when I open the player’s folders, the Music folder is empty. Is this right or should all the mp3 files i added be visible? Thanks

Likely, it’s the old USB mode issue:

The Clip has 2 USB protocols (systems) that it can connect to your computer under:  MSC mode and MTP mode.  These are set under the player’s system settings, under USB mode.  (There also is a 3rd option, “Auto,” in which the player tries to connect under MTP mode but will fall back to MSC mode, if needed.)  

MSC mode is the original tried-and-true system, in which your player is seen like storage, just like a USB flash drive.  MTP mode, the newer system developed by Microsoft, is a bit different (but similar in operation for the user) and often is needed for DRM (digital rights management) -protected files; unfortunately, it can be glitchy, sometimes.

The trick, now:  your computer can only see and show the files on your player that had been transferred to the player under the mode that you then are connected to your player under.  To see the other files, you would need to disconnect, switch the USB mode on your player, and reconnect.  

Understandably, a pain.  And so, a reason why many users simply will choose and set a USB mode on the player (avoiding Auto, which can switch between modes) and use it consistently.

Hope this helps clear things up!   :slight_smile:

That’s fixed it, thanks.

Hi, I just purchased a Sansa Clip+ for the first time and was enjoying loading the music files. Seemed to work fine.  Then I made the mistake of updating the firmware. Crikey!  All my files were gone!  Well, only as far as Windows 7 was concerned. I spent ages going round in circles until I came across your solution - brilliant!  I switched to MTP and they’re all back - I can continue loading.  Thanks for your contribution to my sanity.