75% full Clip+, folders look Empty on computer, can't access my music files

Hi, my issue is that I have old music on my Sansa Clip+ that I would like to put on my computer (running Windows 10). I don’t want to do the “Format” option since it will erase what I am trying to access.

I’ve been reading other people’s posts about this issue, and I’ve tried all the things:

Updated my firmware to V01.02.18.

Reset my Sansa by holding the power button for 2 full minutes.

Checked for driver updates, now Sansa Clipp shows up in “Portable Devices”. 

Tried to view the folders in all 3 USB modes, all 3 still showed empty folders. 

Tried holding the middle button down when connecting to computer, in all 3 USB modes.

The music was added years ago, I believe it was in MTP mode, I just dragged and dropped.

I haven’t tweaked anything, made playlists, messed with folders or tags… I’m not that tech savvy. 

The music is on there, and it plays fine, but I am stumped about seeing it on the computer.  Please help!!  Thanks!

Go to file explorer options, click view, then click show hidden files, folders, and drives. If that doesn’t work uncheck “hide protected operating system files”. If you don’t care about saving the music and want to start from a clean slate, connect in MSC mode and format the player through the computer.