can't "see" all my music when connecting to the pc

Hey all,

i have over 200 music files on my sansa clip 4Gig.

when i scrole through the sansa clip i can play them all.

when i connect the clip to my pc i only see 33 files.

how can i see all the files?

I am running windws 7 home premium.

i would appreciate any help

Try this.

Here’s some.

Here’s some.

The problem is due to your player having the USB mode set to autodetect. I assume you have copies of all the music on your player also on your pc. Format the player(settings, system settings, format) which will delete all the songs on the player. Set the usb mode on the player(settings, system settings, usb mode) to MSC if you don’t use protected files, or to MTP if you do use protected files. Reconnect the player, and copy the songs to the player again. Keep in mind that if you update the firmware on the player, the usb mode will be set to autodetect, and you will need to reset it.

Or it also could be that most of the files were transferred to the player under one USB mode (MSC or MTP) and the player now is set to the other (or to Auto)–you can check that out by switching the USB mode, under settings, to the other mode. But the remedy remains the same, as explained above (or, if only a small number of files can’t be seen under 1 mode, you could just delete those files from the player while connected under that mode and then add those few back to the player, under the other USB mode).

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thank you for the help.

eventually i connected the sansa clip to a linux (ubuntu) box.

there i could access all the files.

eventually i wanted to copy the music files because i lost the the original files.

i will try your solution and post the results.

Glad you solved your problem. I am aware Linux is the greatest thing since sliced bread (I know this because there are a whole bunch of people in the Linux ng’s who tell me so), however, I really had my doubts regarding your explanation. So I fired up my Linux partition (yes I have one) and as I suspected, I can only see the files on my micro card. I have not loaded any music to internal memory and the music directory shows empty. From the clip, I can see the sample music that came  loaded on it. Just for the heck of it, I temporarily set the clip to MTP mode. Linux still shows the micro card contents but refuses to mount the cip itself.

ps. I’m not against Linux, but am somewhat amused by the fanaticism of some of it’s adherents and I haven’t any problems with Win7.

The MTP mode only works with media software that supports it.  Linux won’t mount it because it does not recognize it as a drive that it can read and write to.  Still you can use something like Amorak to sync up your player in Linux, without mounting it.  It’s not that one OS is better than the other, it’s about which one works for you. 

When I connect my sansa to my pc, does not show the music files in the device.

It say that is no music in the device, but it is music in it.

Did you read the previous entries in this thread? :confounded:

Files added in one USC connectivity mode cannot be seen by you or your computer while connected in the other. If you are using Auto Defect (and you shouldn’t be), that’s probably why you are having trouble. It can (and will) connect in either MTP or MSC mode at random making it impossible to manage your music. The solution is to format the player, erasing everything, pick one of the modes and then use that exclusively.

Thanks for posting the answer.  FYI for others, I did not have to format before choosing the mode.  Pretty sure that all copied music appeared in windows 8.1 File Explorer after I chose a mode other than autodetect in Settings | System Settings | USB mode.

Thanks again.

No, you don’t have to Format to see the music or to change the mode. If you DO use Format, you won’t see any music because you just erased it.


What he was suggesting was that to see all of your music when you connect to the computer, choose a USB mode (not Autodetect) under Settings/System Settings/USB.  Make sure you have copies on your computer of all your music. Then Format and reload everything in one mode. 

Absolutely, yep.   :wink: