Cannot access songs on computer


I installed my clip a while ago and have not had any problems until now.  When I plug it into the usb, it is recognized, but when I go to open it through my computer, no files are displayed.  my player still works fine, but this means that I cannot write any more songs onto it.

The Clip is capable of connecting to the host PC in one of two modes, MSC (it acts as a basic flash drive), and MTP (communicates protected media files with Windows Media Player).  The problem between these two modes is that, on the PC, files transferred in one mode are not visible while connected in the other mode.

The hiding of files was a Microsoft invention, intended to “simplify” things for you, separating modes.

The sansa will find and display the music files regardless of mode used for the transfer.

To switch modes, with the sansa disconnected, go to settings > USB Mode.  Just remember, for secure WMA file transfers, you’ll need MTP.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Ive tried that, but I still just get a blank, I think something is wrong with my USB cable… come to think of it, spilling ginger ale on it probably wasnt the best thing for it.

Ok, I tried a new cable, and I still cant access my songs, it tries to open it, and when I open the main menu on my computer, it is still blank, and i have tried both usb modes.

Maybe try to format and start over.  or else try connecting in MSC mode and do “Chkdsk /f”