Accessing files in vault

I have a vault on my stick and can open files by clicking on them in the MyVault window of the SecureAccess application , e.g. PDF file. However, I was interested in using the stick to store the key file used to open my encrypted database of password. I am using KeyPass2. When you launch KeyPass2, you are asked for a passphrase or alternatively a key file. I had created a key file that I had put in the vault but I dont see how I can tell KeyPass2 how to access it. 

I found out how this works. When you click on a file in the Vault window a decrypted copy is placed in a temporary folder whether you have or not an app to open the file. The file is deleted when you exit SecureAccess. So problem solved.

Maybe you could specify the name of the temporary folder pc71.


secureAccess places the decrypted file in the folder:


You can easily check this by putting a PDF file in the vault and clicking on it from the Vault window of secureAcess.

The decrypted file will remain there until you quit secureAcess, which results in the deletion of all files in the above directory.

I can’t remember just now if the directory itself is kept.

When you click on a file in the Vault window two things happen: 1- creation of a decrypted copy placed in the above mentioned directory, 2- launching of an app associated with the type of the file. If no application has been associated with the type of the file produced, Windows asks you which app you want to use to open the file. This was annoying, in the case I mentionned before, because I just wanted the file to be accessible to KeyPass2 as a key to access a password database. So I wrote a little application in C++ winforms that just opens a window with a message “Decrypted file available. Press button” and an OK button to close it. The application does nothing else.

To start with I should have said the operating system is Windows 10.

Thank you pc71.