Cannot decrypt SecureAccess 2.0 files

Last year I saved a bunch of different file types to my SecureAccess vault. I can still view those files using the program, but I want to remove the files from the vault now. How do I do that? I found this explanation;

But I cannot complete steps 5 through 7. It does not allow me to select a folder to save the file(s) to. If I try one file, or if I try an entire folder. When I double click on the folder I want to save the files to, it just opens that folder. Even if I right click and click on ‘select’ in the drop down menu it still opens the folder instead of allowing me to acutally selet the folder.

If I try to select a file, rather than a folder it asks me if I’d like to replace that file. If I press yes I get an error message similar to “Cannot open file for write C:\Users\Me\Desktop…the folder I want it to save it to\the file I want to replace\the file I’m trying to decrypt. Error: The system cannot find the path specified”

With that I can only assume is the program is not looking for a folder to send the file(s) to, but it instead looking for a file to send the encrypted files too. I think that is the core of my problem. The “save file(s) to” button is malfunctioning and doing just that, trying to save the files to another file, rather than a folder I’ve selected.

I still have the password for the vault, as I mentioned I can still see the files in the vault, open them normally, all of that works. I just want to remove the files from the vault, as I put them there when I had low memory on my computer. I’ve fixed my memory issure, now I want the files back from my vault, but I can’t do that.