About to buy Sansa Connect, but still have a few questions..

Hello everyone!
Just about to buy a connect for my girlfriend, I’m trying to decide between the e200 series or the connect. From what i know you need to upgrade the firmware to play videos on connect, is there an update for fm radio? hows the video quality? how ais the internet radio feature? is it buggy? what do you guys think, e200 or connect?

There’s no update for FM radio; my guess is that the internal antenna is only good for WiFi.  I love the Internet radio feature, but keep in mind that it only streams Yahoo Launchcast stations.  You can also display Flickr photos that are streamed over the WiFi, which is pretty nice.

I don’t bother with videos on the Connect; I found the conversion and loading process to be too time-consuming, and the memory is limited enough (both internal and microSD card) that I’d prefer just storing songs on it.

I don’t have an e200, so can’t compare the two, though if you want the Yahoo Launchcast stations, that rules out the e200.  :wink:

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The video support is actually pretty nice; they do take up space, but they play back smoothly.  The nice thing is that MP4 videos already formatted for display on cellphones and other MP3 players will often work without conversion, so if you have another video program you like to use that has a similar preset, you can just use that and it’ll probably work pretty well (YMMV, of course.)

And to add to that, using Sansa Media Converter to load videos is easy.  Some videos can’t be converted by SMC.  You know this because the preview screen on the left bottom of SMC shows green (or you could try to play it and it won’t).  In that case, you need to “pre-convert” using another app.  I have been 100% successful using the free conversion program “Super”.

These are the steps I use for Super, when used as a pre-converter for Sansa Media Converter:

  • run as administrator (right click on Super, it shows that option)
  • right click in Super to select “Add Multimedia Files” - select the files that need converting, they’ll appear checked.
  • right click in Super to select “Output File Management” - you’re telling it where to store the converted files. 
  • select “avi” as output container; select “MPEG-4” as output video codec; select “MP3” as output audio codec.  You only have to do this once.
  • leave other settings at Super’s defaults.
  • click “Encode” button
  • select "DX50 on popup asking for rendered file optimizer

When done, the files are ready to be input to SMC.  I need this extra step using Super for CNBC videos.