media converter

i have a sansa connect 4g - and i am looking for a media converter - the sansa media converter won’t download from the sansa updater for some uk reason does anyone have something i can use ?? help

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The Firmware Updater doesn’t recognize the Connect, and therefore doesn’t proceed to the step where it gives you the opportunity to download the Sansa Media Converter.

You can use another tool, like Any Video Converter, to convert videos into a format that the Connect supports.  If you do use Any Video Converter, select the format “Customized MP4 Movie (*.mp4)” and change the settings like so:

Video codec: mpeg4

Frame size: 320x240

Video bitrate: 512

Video framerate: 15

Audio codec: aac

Audio bitrate: 192

Sample rate: 48000

Once you’ve converted the video, use Windows Explorer to copy it to My Computer\Sansa Connect\Internal Memory\Video.  I think the Connect will also pick up videos copied to an inserted microSDHC card.

thanks for u’re help ! if this is a stupid question i’m sorry where would i find “any video converter” ??

i found the any video converter thanks again trying it out let u know

I am looking for a decent media converter. I tried Any Vidio Converter. The free version that I found works onny on vids less than 4 to 5 minutes, after that you have to get the paid version and it ain’t cheap and I don’t need 90% of what it has. All I’d be after is converting FLV, SWF, AVI and MPEG4 in a very limited context so I really have no desire to have to select from 20 or 30 options. Some of the vids I have are old TV shows that last 30 or more minutes and sci-fi movies that last up to 90 minutes