A/C wall charger

I’m looking for an A/C wall charger for my SansaClip, US market.  Any suggestions? 

There are a ton of cheap ones on eBay.  I recently got this kit:


It was only $7 shipped and works great.  The car and wall chargers are just generic USB chargers so you can use them with anything.  Plus you get an extra data cable for your Sansa.  Shipping is just regular mail, so you might want to look elsewhere if you’re in a hurry.  But for 7 bucks you can’t really go wrong.

If you’re in a hurry, most any big retailer will have a generic USB wall charger that you can plug your Clip’s data cable into.

i’m using this.


Did you try a search using the search box above?  Been discussed many times here.

Thanks.  I found that out after I posted the message.  And then went exploring and found a wall charger via Google.  Shoulda googled first!!  Thanks again.

Can’t speak for the US market, but my Jawbone wall-charger works fine in the UK (and in the EU when using an adapter)

(Course, $80+ is a lot to pay for a charger, but you do get a neat headset thrown in :smiley:)

whats the voltage of that macally charger…

coz if its above 5.1 volts the player will be fried …acc to me…

correct me if im wrong…


I’m using the Scoche two-pack with the wall and car charger from Wal-Mart.  They both work great.  The pack was around $15.  Wal-Mart also carries a Scoche car charger with two USB ports for charging two different players.  That’s $4.88.

whats the output voltage n amp of that charger ?

I just ordered a Maximo travel kit for $30.24 from Buy.com. Has AC wall charger, car charger, earbuds and LONG usb cable. Free shipping, no tax.

At home:  My wife’s Motorola W490 cell phone wall charger.  It’s there and plugged in, why not?

At work:  My cubicle neighbor’s Blackberry wall charger, since the end of the cord is poking under the wall behind me.  :smileyvery-happy: 

I believe all of the Scoche chargers are 5V, but I’m not sure about the amperage.


Update on the charger I found:  It’s a no-name Chinese product, black, well-made, 5v, has a little light.  It cost $11 with no shipping charges from PCMicroStore.com.

I just got one of these yesterday and used it to recharge my 1GB Clip.  Worked OK and did not fry it, though the cable that comes with the charger is for e200 and c200 series, not the Clip.

Seems to me that, if they aren’t going to sell separate chargers themselves, SanDisk ought to at least provide relevant specs so we can know whether a third-party device is compatible (assuming the 3rd party gives specs, which Macally does not).

A charger that says Made for Sansa on it will conform to SanDisk specs

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The charger I bought doesn’t say “Made for Sansa” etc. on it.  But at the website where I found it, SansaClip is listed as one of the compatible players.  What made my jaw drop was a) the price, and on top of that b) the free mailing. Not to mention c):  It arrived within a couple of days of the order.  No, I don’t work for PC Microstore, whoever they are!  And when I checked back there, to provide a link to the charger at their site, it’s no longer there.  I guess a few of us lucked out and that’s it.

PCMicrostore seems to be a good source for lower-cost Asia mass-production items/accessories, like chargers from China or silicone cases (and they have much more, including SanDisk-named items).  I have gotten good service from them and recommend them.  They often will have discount codes or deals out there, for a percentage off or free shipping.

In my experience, many sellers list their USB chargers as compatible with SanDisk or the Clip, simply relating to the voltage and amperage of the charger (and not having anything to do with SanDisk or the Clip); as we’re talking USB chargers with the set standards for USB, that’s not difficult to do.

The list of “Clip products”:


Yes, PC Microstore seems to be very good.  I just found the charger at their site again.  First, its name: YOUNG MICRO CREATIVE LAB (ZEN SERIES) (SANSA CLIP) PREMIUM HOME TRAVEL WALL CHARGER (YM-ZENVPLUS-HOMECHARGER).  And the link:  http://www.pcmicrostore.com/PartDetail.aspx?q=p:10504348.

There is also a car charger, same company, same price. 

I actually returned my Scoche chargers to Wal-Mart and am now using my two RCA Lyra wall chargers at home and abroad, respectively.  I’m using a generic Motorola Razr charger I got for free from TheCellShop in my car. 

By the way, my car tape player is miraculously working again, so I don’t even have to use my FM Transmitter any more.  The problem was with the speakers when I used the tape adapter; one would work and one would not.  I think it was the headphone jack on my RCA Lyra that was actually causing the problem.  The Clip is the gift that keeps on giving!


i too bought a car charger from meritline.comhttp://www.meritline.com/pda-usb-car-charger.html

on the chargers specs its written output 5V ± 5%

so when i actually tested it with a multimeter it showd an output of 5.22 V

which fried my clip…

does all the car chargers yall have show 5 v exactly or more…or is it just mine…