AC Wall Charger for 4GB Clip

Hello All

First time posting on this forum but I have been lurking for awhile.

I know that this topic has been asked and answered many many times, but of course when I’m trying to find a specific answer I can’t. So please forgive and bare with me for asking again.

I have a 4GB clip that I’ve been charging via the USB on my computer. I hate that since the computer has to be on to charge the clip. I also own an older Sony MP3 player (NWE005FL) that uses the same USB port on the PC. While I cannot find (I’m in Canada) an AC Wall Charger dedicated to the Sansa Clip, I can find a Sony AC Wall Charger for that player. The Sony charger specs are:


Input Voltage
100 V, 50 Hz

Rear Output Voltage
DC 5.0V

Rated Output Current
500 mA

Power Consumption
5 W

No where have I been able to find what specs the Clip requires in a wall charger. Does anyone know if the Sony charger will work for my Clip?

If I didn’t like my Clip and Sony MP3 players so well, I should have bought Ipods (even though I don’t like them) since that seems to be all the stores in my city cater to!

Thanks in advance for any help/advise you can give me. I look forward to your replies.

p.s. I emailed Sansa tech help but they don’t seem to want to answer me, although Sony’s tech help answered within a couple of hours but they just directed me to the Sansa people!!



Should be just fine (5V, and 400-500 mA or above–the Clip takes what it needs in amperage (even 300 mA can be ok, but charging will be slower)).  Was discussed here just yesterday or the day before–maybe the search box at above left didn’t catch it for you.  Hope this helps–