Questions- AC Wall Charger

How long does it take to charge the Clip with a wall charger? I’m wondering if I should get one, to preserve the display. How much do they cost? Is a wall charger generally recommended, rather than charging via USB?

I posted this back in early December, right after I got my Clip:

I bought this A/C adapter


and this car cigarette lighter adapter


for about $10 including shipping. So far they seem to be working great.

Both are still working great, though I don’t use the car charger too much.

I usually charge my Clip overnight (always using the wall charger), so I don’t know how long it takes to give a full charge. It should be about the same time as charging through the USB port on your computer.

I would definitely advise using a wall charger rather than charging thru the computer’s USB port. Not only do you preserve the display, but you can still use the Clip while it’s connected to the wall charger.

Thanx! The A/C adapter is now $1.50!! I’ll certainly think about it.

Just noticed has a Sansa travel kit on sale for $18 shipped. It includes AC and DC chargers plus cables and case. It’s item 35518.

Thanx, but I’d rather just get one simple AC adapter to plug into the wall & charge my Clip. As I noted above, I can get one for $1.50. Why pay $18 for a bunch of stuff I don’t need?

The deal is a nice one, if you can use the various cables and especially if you use Google checkout, getting the price down to $8 …

The deal is a nice one, if you can use the various cables and especially if you use Google checkout, getting the price down to $8 …

The $1.50 charger is nice as well; shipping gets the price to $6.50.

I don’t need the other cables, & I don’t use Google, so the $1.50 charger will do just fine. Miikerman, how long does it take to charge the Clip with the wall charger? Do you also recommend charging via A/C instead of the computer? Since I’m on my computer quite a bit, it’s pretty convenient for me. I just watch the clock, & unplug the Clip when it’s done charging…

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I’ve only charged a couple of times, and don’t quite recall how long it’s taken.  I’ve read that it’s 3-4 hours for a full charge (I think that’s the neighborhood of my first charge), and that the time is the same AC and USB. 

The one reason I’ve seen for charging via AC is so that the “Connected” animation isn’t flashing the entire time (as you know, the player will screen-off when connected via AC, which it doesn’t do when connected via USB), which can be a bit (irritating) and which “uses up” the display’s chemicals.  Although I think that the concerns about using up the OLED chemicals are a bit over-stated (the way I figured it out, the battery likely will wear out before then, if you typically use the player in battery mode), I can see that if you leave your player to charge overnight and more than the 4-hour charge period, it could make sense to charge via AC if that’s possible, and likewise if you frequently play via AC and want to keep the player around for many years, including possibly after the battery might expire, so as to extend the life of the screen to match or exceed the life of the battery and player.

Thanx, Miikerman. So, it takes about the same amount of time to charge via AC? That’s good to know… But I would also agree that usage of the display during USB charge does very little in terms of damage. Maybe I’ll save my money, & continue charging via USB…

Speaking of damage… Just out of curiosity, how hard of a hit can the Clip take before I should be concerned about internal damage? My cat thinks anything small is a toy, so if I happen to leave the Clip on the kitchen table, she’ll push it off to the floor which is very hard. Luckily, this hasn’t happened… yet.

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Well, it’s better than a hard drive for that!  I’ve read that the Clip can take some abuse but frankly, I’d put it on a higher shelf …

Thanx for the input, I’ll be more watchful of where I put it from now on… I usually leave it on my dresser at night, but if my cat decides to jump up there & sees it, I’ll just put it in the drawer.

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