8gb Fuze not recognized on two separate W2k machines

I finally got my Fuze to work on my Mac (the key was having it see the microsdhc card separately) so feeling ambitious, I connected it to my PC running windows 2000 SP4.  The fuze charges but nothing shows up on the computer as a drive.

So I connect it to a second PC also running windows 2000 SP4.  This one prompts me for a driver, but can’t locate one through windows update.  I did a google search for windows 2000 drivers for the fuze but turned up nothing.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I love this player, it’s just a bit frustrating getting my computers to recognize it.

make sure you ahve the usb mode set to msc.

settings>system settings>USB mode>MSC

Thanks for the tip.  I actually tried all three modes: msc, mtc and autodetect.  No dice.


Set the Fuze to MSC mode and plug in.  Open the Device Manager, and look for the wee yellow triangle of doom! 

Uninstall the device, but DO NOT “disable” it.  Unplug, reboot, and the PC should find the device, when plugged in again.  If not, there are two options:

Try a different port, preferably a rear port (better connection).

Install a PCI bus USB2.0 serial card!  These wee beasties are under $20, and will make for a happy Sansa on the earlier machine.  I’ve run the devices on everything from Win98 onward, in MSC mode.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: