Sansa Fuze 8

Bought a sandsa fuze cuz the guy at radio shack said it was cheaper then an ipod for virtually the same thing. took it home. plugged her in. windows does not recognize this device or it has malfuctioned(alrdy downloaded software i think) can any1 help? and im not very pc literate so details? thanks

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode  and change it to MSC. That will help your computer recognize it as two disc drives–one for the unit’s onboard memory (8GB?)  and one for the card slot. Then you can drag albums (as folders of mp3s) onto the unit anywhere you want except TEMP.

The drivers–what Windows uses to recognize a device–are the basic Windows drivers for  any USB drive in MSC mode. 

You need Windows Media Player 10 or 11 to recognize it in the other mode, MTP. WMP 10 and 11 have the drivers for MTP. No software to install either way.

The Radio Shack guy was right. It’s like an iPod EXCEPT that you also have radio, voice recording, better sound quality and a chance to add more storage with the MicroSD slot, as well as some extra $$ in your pocket. 

What you don’t have is total iTunes convenience, and there are a few quirks (like the MSC mode) to learn.Bear with it–it’s worth it.

If you put it in MSC mode and it doesn’t show up in My Computer in XP (or Computer in Vista), then it is defective and you should return it.

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settings were? cuz i dont have just settings and system settings?

Starting with the main menu, rotate the wheel to select Settings, the Equalizer icon.

Next, scroll down to System Settings and select it with the center button.

Now scroll down to USB Mode, selecting MSC.

Connect your Fuze, and see if it pops up using Windows Explorer (My Computer).  MSC mode is the basic mode, where the Sansa is recognized as a flash drive.