8 Gb Fuze locked up

I have a silver 8 Gb Fuze that finally got full so I added a Sandisk 8 Gb card and all was well until yesterday when I tried to add more music. It wouldn’t synchronize but the screen said “writing”. I finally unplugged it and it powered down. Now when I try to power it up, it says “Not enough space for music DB. Please free 90 mb.” and then powers back down. When I access it through the computer, there is no music on it, internal or on the card. Tried removing the card but no difference. Any suggestions? This little gadget is the only thing that keeps my sanity at work, things are going down hill fast.

For about the millionth time, I will offer this SanDisk knowledgebase article:


You corrupted something by pulling the plug while it was still writing data. Best to format and start over. And just so you know, ‘syncing’ causes more problems than it solves for the majority of people (those unfamiliar with WMP and the syncing procedure), so you may want to consider using MSC mode and simply dragging and dropping the files you want into the Music folder of your player.

Sanity saved. :wink:

O.K.  For the first time, thank you. I searched this board for two days and never ran across that info so I joined and had you send it to me. Now that the internal memory and the card have been formatted, I dragged and dropped all of the files back on to the player and card. Now it keeps flashing on the screen “Synchronise to continue your music subscription” and just keeps scrolling through songs, flashing this message. I don’t have any music subscriptions, what’s up?

Ok, it  wasn’t the millionth time, but sometimes it feels like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

As to your “Synchronize to Continue” error message, I will again refer you to the SanDisk Knowledge Base for the answer:


For the second time, Thank you. I done what the info on the Knowledge Base said but that will only help with future ripped music. I have formatted, dragged and dropped, formatted and synced two differnet ways and still get the same error message. It only happens on certian songs on an album, not all of them and it never happened before it locked up. Any thoughts? I’m begining to think that I’m going to have to rerip all of the music that I have stored on my computer and I don’t have most of those discs any more. Thanks in advance this time.