4 G micro sdhc chip doesn't work

My 250 owners manual said hc memory could be used in the memory slot.

My otherwise good 4G micro sdhc chip isn’t being read by my sansa 250 v1.

I’m told to insert chip but it’s already inserted.

Any answers to this issue?


upon further reading in the forum, it appears 2G is the max. I don’t recall reading that in the manual. oh well. it’s only money.

v1 models of this player will only recognize the SD format (up to 2GB). The SDHC format (4GB & up) didn’t come out until later. Only the v2 models can use this format of card unless you install 3rd-party, open-source firmware called Rockbox.

tnx. i’ll check into that.

I loaded Rockbox and it seems to recognize the 4G card.

I’ll try to download some music next.

Thanks again.