32gb Micro SD

I’m running Rockbox 3.4 on a 250r v1 Sansa.

Recently purchased a 32gb Micro SD card from a US seller on eBay. Player doesn’t seem to be able to load all the files into the database. It actually deletes most of the songs from the database as it trys to update it.

I had been using a 16gb micro card that ran just fine. Perhaps the 32gb card is too large for my v1 player? Thanks!

I think you’re sailing in un-charted waters here, using a 32GB card with Rockbox, and on a v1 e200 series (Rhapsody) player. Probably want to poke around the Rockbox site and/or ask on their forums to see if anyone else is successfully using this fairly new card with Rockbox on this particular player.

Let us know what you find out, if anything. It would be good to know for the future. :wink:

I had previously posted a question concerning the compatibility of the 32gb card with my configuration and you had indicated that it should work ok.  One of the questions I have is whether the card is defective or the player just can’t handle that large of a card? Thanks much.

Could be either one. Check over at the Roclbox forums and see if anyone else has any experience with the 32GB cards. Also there’s a free utility that you can download and use to check your card to see if it’s defective and counterfeit. Links to it have been posted numerous times here in various boards; you should be able to use the Search function and ferret one of them out.

The utility is called h2testw: 


Many an eBay buyer of microSDHC cards has used this utility to find out they’ve been burnt.

@promisedplanet wrote:


Many an eBay buyer of microSDHC cards has used this utility to find out they’ve been burnt.


Yep, could be that too.

Thanks for the link. There were errors reported when trying to write to the card. I’m guessing that a 32gb card will work for my player. I’ll report back when I acquire one. As for buying a card on ebay, I’d recommend buying from their Top Ranked Sellers and not paying a relatively low price, then you should be ok.

You’d be surprised at how highly ranked the rip-off card sellers can be.  Often, people give them a positive rating, and then find out the card is bad (has a lower capacity or speed than specified).  

I don’t know if there are lists of confirmed good eBay card sellers somewhere else out there on the Web.  I know there are definitely lists of bad ones.

Another ploy to watch out for … people who will buy YOUR card on eBay, tell you it’s bad and request a refund, and in turn send you back a different, bad card (usually a counterfeit).  I suspect that these people then turn around and sell your good card.