e250 help

Ugh. Well, seems like this model took at least a minute to upload. So, I got a rec. to try Rockbox and downloaded e200 info on my e250. I didn’t know which model I had.

What can I do to resolve a now slower but working unit?

I am using a 2gig micro sd card, willl this model accept a micro with more memory, if so, how much?

Thank you so much for any and all help

Did you install Rockbox on your device?  This will change operation considerably, including support for microSD HC cards up to 32GB.  The quirk with Rockbox is that the original firmware is needed for USB support, I believe.

If you are running the original firmware, go to Settings > Info and read the top line.  The installed firmware version will tell you which version device you have.  If it begins with 01, you have a v1 device, if with 03 ,you have a v2.

Additionally, if you have a Rhapsody version, the second set of digits will have three numbers.

Bob  :wink: