sandisk e250 I got a mirco SD card

I needed more memory so I got a 4 gig Micro SD card It fits in fine but the player memory doesn’t change. I even tried to load the card on my computer. It loaded fine but when I put It in my player It is not there Do I need something elece?

 I don’t have a manual either. would be very thankfull for any insight.

If you have a v1 player, you cannot use 4GB microsd cards in the Sandisk firmware.   You can either buy a newer player, or install rockbox on the device (rockbox includes a driver for larger microsd cards).

And here’s the manual:

Thanks for the info . My player is Version 01.02.18A . Wear would I find Rockbox.

I downloaded Rockbox but don’t know what to do with it looks like an empty folder . I not very savy .

Definitely easiest to go with the Rockbox Utility (installer). You’ll also want to glance over the manual . . . it shouldn’t take too long; it’s only 220 pages. :stuck_out_tongue: