Sansa e280r and micro sd

I purchased a sandisk 8gb micor sd card for my player, inserted it in my player, and did not see where any additional memory has been added to my player’s existing 8gb capacity for a total of 16 gb.  I am new to the sd card usage function.  Please advise.

  1. You’re on the wrong board. The e200R series has its own board, further down the page from the Fuze board.

  2. The e200R only supports microSD cards, not microSDHC (which an 8GB card certainly is). Of course, you could install Rockbox and get HC support, but Rockbox installation on an “R” player is a bit complicated.

If you truly have an ‘R’ or Rhapsody model, then it only supports SD cards, not SD HC. Meaning that 2GB is the largest card you can use in it with the original firmware. Your 8GB card won’t be recognized.

There is a way to use it, if you’re up to the challenge. There is a 3rd-party, open-source, alternative firmware called Rockbox that will allow your player to utilize the larger capacity cards, however it is a bit technical both in its installation and operation.

There are many discussions here regardiing it. You can do a search and also check out the official site, Otherwise, you’ll just have to get several 2GB cards.