E260 with 8 gb microcard

My Sansa is not recognizing that this 8 gb card is in with music. Cannot get to that music. Suggestions ? Help

Is it a v1 or v2 model? v1’s only support the SD format (up to 2GB) natively. V2’s support SDHC which is 4GB and up to 32GB.

If you have a v1 and are dead-set on using a larger than 2GB card you would have to install Rockbox, a 3rd-party, open source, alternative firmware.

The only way to know for sure which hardware version you have is to check the firmware version loaded on the player. Go to Settings > Info and look at the top line. this is the firmware version. If it starts with a V01, you have a v1 model. If it starts with a V03, you have a v2 model.