2GB clip turns on/off by itself what to do ???

I have a 2GB clip not even 6 months old its in perfict condiction never got wet never got dirty it looks brand new. it started turning on and off after i had some trouble putting a cd on it it was pretty scrached. it turns off in the middle of the song ive made sure the one min auto off was off and the sleep mode was also off . when it turns itself back on it refreshies database. when i turn it on i have to do the rest with the power button 3 times before it turns on then it refreshes databace but it doesnt finish just turns right off ive reformated but havent added any songs and it still does the same im wandering if it maybe a problem with the power button ive had that problem with a different brand.any advice let me know i bought it from best buy i have a 2 year warrenty on it you think i should bring back

If you still have the Clip, you may try a few things if you wish:

First format the Clip:  this will erase your music on it,   if you have all your music on your computer you can copy the music back on after.     To Format click the small menu button,  up or down click till you find Settings, click Select (middle button),  then up/down till you find Format  then select or right click then select Yes.    

In addition to this,  I would recommend you update the firmware or reinstall it.   There is a Firmware post at the top of this forum that explains how.

Reload some music after all is done.   And see if it is works any better.      If you have a warranty with BestBuy there service guys should be able to get you a working one. 

Good Luck