Clip randomly powers off when connected to computer and/or while playing

I’ve had a 2GB clip for about 4 months now, and I’ve only had this problem a handful of times, maybe once every 2 weeks or so… Sometimes when I connect it to my computer, instead of lighting up, connecting, and charging, the screen stays blank. When I disconnect it from the USB, it won’t power it on at all. In most cases, the battery was not completely dead yet when I connected it to the computer, so I don’t think it’s a simple case of running out of juice. I have tried resetting it by holding the menu button down for 15 seconds, but that does nothing. When I come back the next day to try it again, it magically works just fine.

Today, when I was listening to it, it just turned off out of nowhere. I know it’s not freezing up on a bad file, because I had listened to the same playlist several times on repeat with no problems. Judging by the last time I had checked the battery, I think it was still approximately half-charged. It won’t turn back on again now, and nothing happens when I try to plug it into my computer. My best friend also bought a 2GB clip around the same time that I got mine, and she has experienced the same problem. 

Please advise. Thanks. 

The menu button does not reset the clip.

Try pushing the On / off button up  and hold it up for 15 seconds.


reformat your player and update the firmware,  it should help alot.