Problem With Clip

My clip won’t turn on. I plug it into my computer and it recognizes it but when I unplug it and try to turn it on it won’t turn on. I have no idea what to do.

  1. Leave it connected to the computer for 3 hours to see if the battery needs to charge

2)  If it turns off suddenly when you unplug the device you may have a broken battery or battery wire.  In this case it should be returned. 

The battery has been charged, but it still won’t turn on.  I can see it AND all my songs I have loaded on it, but once I disconnect it from my computer, it won’t turn on (boot up?).  Do I need to send it in to be fixed?  And if so, is there any place locally in Oklahoma that can fix it or do I have to mail it off.  If I mail it off, should I remove my music first, or leave it “as is”?

I know a lot of questions, but I sure appreciate the time you take to answer it.


Renee R

For this type of problem, with the Clip disconnected, slide the power switch to ON, and hold it there against the spring for 10 seconds.  Release, and try powering up again.

If the device won’t fire up, it’s possible you have a battery issue as Sansafix mentioned.

Call 1-866-SANDISK to return your device for replacement.

Bob  :wink: