2 broken Sansa

Recently I purcased a Sansa Clip to replace my Sansa c200 loved the player but into the second month the player would not turn on after a trip to the gym ,player had plenty of charge and doubt sweat would short circuit player. player would not turn on or get any reponse when plugged in to all computers. Customer service gave me a lot of solutions which did not work but no offer of replacement. My broken Sansa c200 has a loose headphone jack and only plays in one ear at least this player lasted over 6 months.how much e-mail tag do you have to play before they offer replacements .Purchased a Zen Stone that is similar to Clip but with less features and is working fine.

I have, well had a Sansa Clip. Great little player, it is convenient for me as I work outside and am involved with a lot of outdoor recreation, so small you don’t even know it’s there. But alas, it developed the same problem as yours after about 7 months of use. It was weird… was working great and then all of a sudden only one ear works. It was just sitting on my desk next to me. Odd. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, a couple days later I called the support number and told them the problem, confirmed I had tried other headphones and the fm radio as well as other files, etc. He took my info, and said he issued an RMA request for an exchange, the fact that I had lost my receipt from Best Buy was not an issue. He told me to expect an email within 48 hours with further instructions. After I hung up I took a look at the phone timer… just over 7 minutes total.

Then, less than an hour later it was processed as the email arrived… I printed out the RMA and the pre-paid UPS label, packed it up and shipped it off. I only sent it last Saturday, so I have not received my new player yet, but so far I am impressed to say the least :slight_smile:

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Message Edited by TheHigherEnd on 07-24-2008 06:01 PM

Totally agree with you about how good customer service was. Had a player that was discharging its battery after the .29 firmware upgrade. Like the above, the customer service processed my Rma and within 10 days I had my replacement which works fine. I’d give customer service another call to find someone more sympathetic to your problem.