16GB Cruzer Blade - No space recognised


I have never experienced and issue of this type with my Sandisk flash drives and cards.

My drive is recognised in Explorer and on double-click it returns,  “Please insert a disk into Removable disk”.

In Properties, Tools under Error Checking it returns and error message “Disk check cannot be performed because Windows can’t access the disk”

In Hardware Properties it states “The device is working properly”

When I remove or insert it into a usb port, it makes the regular noise, however it requires an immediate Format. The format fails everytime as Windows cannot detect it.

It is a new unit which worked fine until I inserted it into my laptop to complete an HP Recovery Media creation.

I am not sure how to fix this. Please help

Hi. Did you makde this flash drive as bootable? Maybe you can reverse the process and see if it makes a difference.