SanDisk Cruzer 16MB improper recognition in windows 7


I have a SanDisk Cruzer 16MB USB flash drive. I use windows7. The computer recognizes the flash ONLY if it is connected in the port before pc start up from a complete shutdown. Even in this case, if I remove the flash and reconnect it later, it is not recognized by the computer. Flash appears in “my computer” but is impossible to read or wright on it and in its properties says 0MB left space and 0MB occupied space. Please help…

Thanks in advance


It could be possible that the operating system has drivers corrupted. Have you tried this on another PC and see if it behaces the same way?

In my opinion you sure have to check if the USB flash works on other PC’s or other USB ports and if it works there then you know that your computer has the problem. My other solution is when its recognized by your computer try to format the USB flash drive so maybe it will resolve your space issue.

Try the following:

Right click computer >manage>storage>disk management

You should see the drive with unallocated space.

Right click the space, select “new volume”

Run through the wizard but do *not* format at this step.  

When a new volume is created, it will ask if you want to format.

Format at this time.

Thanks for the replay. Of course I tried on many PCs with xp and 7 and it works properly