1 year old M250 not working

3 days ago I connected the M250 to upload some music onto it.  It stayed connected for 3 days then I uploaded the songs into it just fine.

I safely remove the player from Windows and I power up the player.  It displays the ‘Initalizing’ screen for a second, then goes to the ‘Sansa’ screen and doesn’t get past it.

When I connect it to the computer again, It stays on the “Sandisk Initalizing” screen and it is never detected in Windows.

Any thoughts on how to fix it?

I just had this problem with my m240… i had to replace it but I got the extended warranty/replacement plan from Circuit city so I got an m250 for the same price that I bought the 240 at in '06.  I say you’re effed.

I have a 1 year old M240 with the same sympton, I haven’t used it for at least 6 month, not responding at all, to anything, except when I connect it to my pc using the usb cable, I get a message it is initializing, and that’s it.  I won’t do anything, won’t turn on, off, tried battery in, battery out, etc.
Any suggestions???

you had it for 1 year and only used it for 6 mnths? =P

call sandisk to replace it, sounds like a toasted player. Say it was a gift, if its  a bit less then 1 year… you may be in luck