1.01.29 firmware trashed my clip??

I’ve got three 2GB clips, two upgraded fine, the last one updated the firmware and instead of refreshing the database, it says not enough space for Music DB. Please free up 30MB. So, I connect it again , get the same message, but it shows up as an F:\ drive removable drive in Windows Vista explorer with nothing in the folder. When I click on it, windows wants to format it. Can’t access the clips settings to format it, can’t access it in windows Vista to delete 30MB’s worth of space because it won’t recognize the drive. Is my clip now toast?

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Okay, let windows format it and it allowed me to access the F:\drive, but still came up with the same message. Showed that the folder was completely empty, so I added a song, unplugged the clip and it refreshed the database. I’ll reload my music collection to see if any issues pop up. Thought I would update this in case anyone came across the problem and needed a fix.

only problem I have is that I’ve lost 30MB of space on it and Can’t find it, so I’m 6 songs down less on capacity than I used to have, plus it accesses it like a removable folder now and doesn’t recognize it as the Sansa clip 2GB even though the folders are still intact except that it doesn’t show the internal memory anymore…weird!!

and now it won’t turn on and it won’t turn on with the USB cable either, so I have a malfunctioning clip after doing a 1.01.29 firmware update.

Good God, this is turning into a book. Held the turnon button for 15 seconds, the clip recovered, now I guess I’ll just have to monitor it. All this because of a firmware upgrade and the fact that I had only 20MB’s of space available and for some reason the clip needed 30MB’s for the firmware upgrade which created nothing but trouble.

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