"Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 30 mb."

Ok first let me start with the first problem. it started about 3 days ago first my clip would freeze in mid song and not play at all( clip 4gb silver). This probably could have been solved by the new firmware. This is when I really got mad. I deleted a song of my clip and then it froze and shut off by itslef fully charged so i strat it up again took about 30-45 seconds then it the displayed a message “Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 30 mb.” but how could i if no computer i use recongizes it as the clip anymore and it turns of after the message shows. Since then its only turned on about 2 times and i tried to change the usb mode but still wont come up on my comp i tried the msc mode thing and the reboot. And now it doesnt even show the welcome screen because it only stays on as long as i hold up the power switch. So anyone got any ideas?

Hi I’m having the same problem with my 8gb clip and I’m not making any headway with the support they just told me to look at the FAQ’s but there isn’t anything there. I’v only had it since xmas and was wondering if anyone else thinks it’s a fault and should I just take it back?

Has anyone got any ideas?

Here is the FAQ you are looking for:

Not enough space…FAQ