XP doesn't recognize m240 as proper usb device

My m240 has version 1.0.8A software.  I downloaded the upgrader.  When I try to connect the m240 to Windows, it starts showing a usb connect screen and after a short pause it goes to playing tunes.  Windows reports that a usb device has malfunctioned and can’t be recognized.  When I srart the upgrader, it never connects to the device.  I tried pulling out the batteries, but the behavior is substantially the same.

I did misplace the original mini-usb cable and am using another mini-usb cable, in case that has some effect.

Is there anything I can do to get the m240 recognized by XP so I can upgrade the software? 

The problem turned out to be the cable. I had purchased a portable multi-connector cable kit and tried to use it. It didn’t work and I had the problem. I later tried another proper USB-to-mini-USB cable and it worked.