m240 will not work at all


I have windows xp service pack 2 installed. I have looked all over for ways to fix this problem, and every one has failed. I have tried to switch between msc and auto-detect mode in my m240 player, but no matter what I do windows will not recognize this device. I know that xp should natively have the drivers for it included, which is why when it shows up as a driver issue I am confused. I also heard that it may be a power issue with the device itself and that there is nothing I can do. Can anyone help me to get windows xp to recognize this mp3 player?

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When the player is connected to the computer in MSC mode, the computer detects it, but it states its a driver issue, as in no driver available?  How does it show up under Device Manager, Anything with a Yellow ? or Yellow ! If you see something Yellow, please double click on it, and let me know what the Device Status is.

Also, in Auto Detect Mode, when its connected to the computer, does it make the “Ding” sound when its connected? Does it Show up under Device Manager or My Computer?

i have that same problem. when i connect to my computer the ding sound sounds weird and when i go into my device manager there is something yellow(!). and it says that the device did not install right what should i do.

Could you please provice the error code that windows has for the device, ie Error Code 10 device cannot start.


Please try changing the mode on your player to MSC.

Settings > USB Mode > MSC

Reconnect to PC, and see if it still shows up the same in device manager, as well as seeing if it shows up under my computer.

it does make the ding noise, but when I go to device manager there is no yellow exclamation mark it just shows as “unknown device” as seen in this screenshot.


Do you have windows media player 10 or higher?

yes, I have windows media player 11 installed and this is the exact error that the device manager gives me.


I read somewhere that there is a fix for this on vista… dont know about XP

if you want to try, here are the steps

right click in device mgr and uninstall, disconnect device, goto C , Windows, INF, and delete the file called INFCACHE.1 then reboot the machine, at windows xp desktop, reconnect device and then check dvce mgr

followed all advice and it still does not work. I’ve been listening to the same music for about 5 months, it’s driving me crazy. Maybe is there any way to reset the mp3 player’s firmware or BIOS even though the computer doesn’t recognize the player?

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