unknown device, refurbished M240

Same as the other not-worked M240, it down and told me “not enough space, please free 8MB”. At that time I use it in MSC mode.

Then I format it with FAT in Windows XP SP2.   Finished.

Nothing on its screen. Power on/off doesnt work even i press it more than 10 seconds.

Computer said there’s unknown device and couldnt install it correctly. Only I can find a yellow question mark in my device manager.

Sansa firmware updater cant find any device even i plug and unplug it many times.

Please help me, thank you!

I’m trying to remember a wonderful post about getting the computer to recognize your player. In Control Panel-System-Hardware, go to your device and click, Get New Driver (titles of these may not be word-for-word). Don’t let Windows search for a driver but tell it you have one in a specific place. Windows should then give you a choice of drivers. Click that you’ll get the USB driver. Then let Windows do its thing.

Hope this helps. The forum message I’m referring to was more exact.