X300 Firmware not available?

Hi Guys.

I have a SanDisk X300 2.5 7MM 256GB in my laptop with FW X3520012 currently installed.

When I check for firmware updates using SSD Toolkit it tells me there are none available, however I know that there is a X3540000 update as documented here: http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/19261/

There is a manual update option but I cannot find a download link for the firmware?!?!

Can anyone help??


the ssd toolkit is not working anymore and is end of life software. so in that case i suggest using the ssd dashboard that will show up the correct information of the ssd

here you can download the software


Thanks for the info, I’ve tried using SSD Dashboard also and have the same issue.  o_O


in that case there are 2 options left. It can be that you are using an OEM drive that was built inside the computer and is using another firmware that came with the pc


the firmware listed on the documentation is not correct

Please provide your full SKU number as listed on SSD label, and we can check for you

Is the update available now?

If you can you please provide the details

Find the latest sofware and firmware for your NComputing thin clients and vSpace installation.

Thanks for sharing this information with us. This was really useful to me. I am waiting for more updates from this admin. Keep continuing as much as possible.

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