Firmware files for manual update in Dashboard

I have three SanDisk SDSSDH3 2T00 (2TB Ultra 3D) SSDs but there seems to be an issue with firmware on one of them. Two of them are on latest version 415020RL and one is on older version 415000RL and Dashboard won’t update it to 415020RL, claiming it’s already up to date…but it’s not.
I tried to get tech support to provide the firmware file but they claim they don’t have it, but of course THEY DO HAVE IT because they put them on all the new SSDs they sell. It’s just a matter of will.
Wish there was a way to dump 415020RL because I can use Dashboard to manually update the 415000RL SSD if I had that. It’s one thing if the SSD won’t accept the newer version but I have a feeling it will.

Hi @ssybesma,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I contacted them through chat yesterday. They say they’ll escalate this and so we’ll see if they get back to me sometime this week as they promised.
The Dashboard utility provides a means to flash firmware using a file, and that may be how it has to be done in my case.
The SSD in question is a little bit older (but not much) based on the serial number but I doubt this is a controller revision issue. I think it’s a database issue and this one somehow fell through the cracks.
The Dashboard app looks at your drive’s serial number and bases firmware updates off that I think.
If the serial number is contained in the range it expects to see, the firmware update is offered, otherwise it ‘assumes’ it’s up to date because there is nowhere to go with it.

Allan B got back to me and again, more stonewalling and excuses.
I found two valid email addresses for CEO David Goeckeler that have not bounced back yet (one corporate and one Gmail) and emailed him after all the frustration I’ve experienced with Allan B.
One way or another I’m going to squeeze some actual customer service out of SanDisk for once because with all the SSDs I’ve purchased from them, they never once did anything for me when I complained.
A few years back it was also Allan B and he wouldn’t help with a way to update firmware in Linux.
But this issue is much simpler. What I’m asking for isn’t lifting heaven and earth!