SSD Dashboard will not update firmware.


I own the Ultra Plus SDSSDHP-256G. The current firmware on it is X211200, and the new firmware is X2316RL.

When I select the “Check for Updates” button in the software, it states that my firmware of X211200 is up to date, but that is incorrect. The new firmware is X2316RL. Perhaps a bug in your software?

I can do the manual update, but it’s a bit inconvenient since you, SanDisk, probably spent a good deal of money to develop this SSD Dashboard software. Maybe you guys can fix this bug?

In the meantime, I’ll try to do an update via windows boot. 

Seriously, 7 days and no replies?

Does SanDisk even have a technical support department? Maybe I should have known the lack of suport before I purchased their drive. 

This is a user forum and not monitored by sandisk support all the time. I took a min and contacted sandisk support for you and it seems that you have the original FW that was shipped with this SSD. The original FW is not supported for upgrade in the Dashboard. There are manual ISO images of the FW that you can use to update your ssd linked below. After updating to the new FW the Dashboard should support any future FW upgrade. That being said I doubt there will be any new FW for this SSD as the product has been moved to Legacy on this forum. 

Thanks for your reply drlucky. I’ll give that a shot.