Firmware SDSSDP-128G

I need firmware   SDSSDP-128G

Could you help me?


i would like to inform you that this specific drive does not have another firmware from that it already came with. So you only have the revision 1, 2 or 3 and you cannot update it.

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Thanks for your answer. I have installed the worst firmware SDSSDHP-128G and I should need someone with SDSSDP-128G makes me a copy (.Rar or .Zip) with SSD TOLKIK, please.
Contact me in
Thanks a lot.


i dont really understand what you need. if you plan to clone the firmware of the ssd to the ultra plus ssd, just for your info you cant. all the firmwares for the ssds are unique so you cant just copy randomly ones.

you can download for free the ssd dashboard from sandisk site and see if the ultra plus has another firmware update itself.

Instale por error firmware SDSSDHP-128G. No realice backup de firmware. La unidad se ha vuelto lenta y no puedo restablecerla y necesitaria el firmware SDSSDP128G  para poder hacerlo.

SSD-DASHBOARD no reconoce SDSSDP-128G.

SSD-TOOLKIT reconoce unidad. Pero no reconoce atributos smart, Nº de serie y por lo tanto no busca actualizaciones.


Modelo:                                 SanDisk SDSSDP128G   OK

Número de Serie:                  H↕@D5·                                 NO OK         Mi S/N: 124844400835

Versión ATA:                    Minor version is not reported (Unknown)

SATA Generación:           0

Nombres de Mundial:      0000000000000000

Atributos smart:              No se ha apoyado.

Muchas gracias por tu interes.

Install error firmware SDSSDHP-128G. Do not perform backup of firmware. The unit has become slow and I can not reset it and need the firmware SDSSDP128G to do so.

SSD-DASHBOARD does not recognize SDSSDP-128G.

SSD-TOOLKIT recognizes drive. But does not recognize smart attributes, number of series and therefore does not look for updates.


Model:                             SanDisk SDSSDP128G       OK

Serial number:                H↕@D5·                                      NOT OK    My s/n: 124844400835

Version ATA:              Minor version is not reported (Unknown)

SATA generation:      0

World names:             0000000000000000

Attributes smart:        Has not supported.

Thank you very much for your interest.


i really dont understand what you are trying to do. Once again i will try to explain that you cant exchange the firmware of the ultra plus SSD to the normal Standard SSD(SDSSDP).

if the drive is not detected at all by the pc its defective and it needs to be replaced so you dont have to try to update the firmware of it because its not needed.

so once again if the drive failed go to the place of purchase for a possible replacement or contact sandisk support for warranty replacement