If you have an old Sandisk Extreme SSD what's your Firmware version?

If you have an old Sandisk Extreme SSD what’s your Firmware version?

Mine is R201. The latest Dashboard says it should be R211 and the KB website says the same thing ( (Legacy) Solid State Drive support information ) but Sandisk tech support says R201 is current. Was there a newer version uploaded at one time and then withdrawn because of a problem?

This issue continues to this very day a SanDisk Tech support is just about useless. They don’t seem to have a clue.

I just posted about this.
Didn’t get any feedback.
Pretty much determined that since 2013
That nobody cares.
This is another reason why I used Samsung SSDs and not Sandisk.
Take a look at my thread it’s close to the top at the moment.
Useless software support for sure and never addressed in years.
:frowning: With a lot of effort and absolutely no help from the forum or anything you find on the Internet I was finally able to get R211 flashed/updated from 201.
Dashboard is an absolute piece of total garbage.
I have plugged other not as old sandisk SATA SSDs in and it only shows a blank screen no error no anything.
And no matter what computer hardware dashboard is run on.