There IS a newer firmware version

I see posts that talk about this new(ish) drive having no firmware update, and while they may not have released it to end users, I currently have 4 of the  480GB drives and one has firmware version X21000RL, but the other three have version X21100RL.

I wonder what was changed and if it is possible to save the firmware from one of my drives and use that file to flash the first drive?

I have seen some benchmarks that seem to indicate to me that the newer firmware improves small file (4K) speeds, and Q32 speeds at a slight expense to max sequential speeds (which I would accept).  Can anyone confirm that this was one of the changes in the X21100RL firmware?




This case can be related like the normal SSD with the firmware revision 1,2 or 3. Its preinstalled on the ssd and there is no possibility to manually change it because it was build in.

if there is a newer Firmware that can be installed manually you will see that on the sandisk site with the actuall iso to burn it.