New firmware improved write-speed

Hi guys, I thought there was no hope anymore for my SSD Plus 120 but today there was a firmware update UE4500RL. My writespeed was 70-80MB/s but after the firmware update, its speed is now at <200> under SATA II Old mobo G31M-S. I don’t know what would my speed be at SATA III and I don’t have any mobo to test it out though. I just thought I would share this specially to those from Philippines who bought SanDisk SSD Plus 120Gb that might have the former speed I had.


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hi . you must download the last firmware 

Hi, can you tell me how to upgrade te firmware to UE4500RL, because I’ve try to upgrade form USB Bootable, but it is useless, it says that the binary file can’ t be found.

Hi everyone, I have the same problem with my SSD Sandisk Plus 120GB. I am currently using both in RAID0 however the rates are too low. How can I download this firmware? Please help me!!

I am having the same problem. Speed is bit low than it should have been.

Hi, I am having the same problem, mine is a SSD PLUS 1TB, brand new (less than one month), the guy from support said me the poor performance is because I’m using SATA II and he closed the occurence!!! Just like that!!!
I’m very dissapointed with Sandisk. I’m thinking to buy another, this time will be from Samsung. :frowning:

how does one update the firmware _ without _ installing software in the OS?

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Interested to know that too. I have 2x480G installed in 2 different PC. Both have SANdisk Dasdboard installed. One is upgraded to UE4500RL but the other one never seem to get any update.