SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD not running at SATA-III and Firmware update question

Hi there guys just needed some help regarding my new ssd I bought.

A couple of days ago I bought myself a SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD, mainly because of the speeds etc. and the fact that I’m a beginner in the SSD field. When I have used AS SSD, from my point of view, it is running quite slow compared to the specs it advertises I should be getting on SATA-III. I am running a Gigabyte GA970a-DS3 which is capable of and has SATA-III ports, also have AHCI turned on with the AMD AHCI Drivers. I have attached a image below of this.

Also just another question, when I bought the drive and checked the firmware it came with R211. The latest update is R201. Should I still update to 201?



AS SSD Results

How is it possible firmware 211?? Are you sure? latest firmware is 201! can you show us screenshot from sandisk utility tool?

P.s. on your screenshot after brand name i see r112, i think your drive have r112 firmware

the benchmark you are using AS SSD uses uncompressed data. That is why you see slower speed. Download and use ATTO benchmark to see speeds closer to what is advertised. You are also running firmware r112 so I would suggest upgrading to r201. It will not impact the speed but it is a good idea to have the latest. 

Ahh, thanks guys. I’m kinda a newbie in the SSD field so I guess I was just paranoid haha. Will upgrade to R201 also to be ont he safe side :slight_smile:

Will post other results later…