SanDisk SDSSDHP064G Firmware Update Using ToolKit

I have this SSD drive.

when checking for firmware updates using SanDisk SSD ToolKit, I get a message that I have the latest firmware.

my firmware version is X2306RL, but I saw online that the latest is X2316RL.

5 months ago when I first searched for updates I received the update for the version I’m currently having although X2316RL was already out back in 2013.

why I’m not receiving the latest version?


The ssd toolkit is no longer supported and the newest version is the ssd dashboard where you can download it from here:

so try to install this version and see if you still get a message to update the firmware of the ssd.


this new tool isn’t showing up in the support page –> download section of my drive’s page in SanDisk site.
guess only the newer SSD’s pages are updated.
well, now it’s working :slight_smile:


im glad that you fixed your issue with the firmware of the ssd.