Write Protected MicroSD When I try to format

Dear All,

I am using a 16GB Micro SD on my blackberry. Recently, I noticed that I was not able to save new content on the media card and some time, it returned an error that the media card is not available. 

I tried formatting the Micro SD using three different connections:

  1. Inserting it into an SD enclouser
  2. Using my Blackberry as a USB
  3. Inserting it into my broadband USD that has a Micro SD

Everytime I try to format it, it fails from the beginning when I use Quick Format with the error “Windows Was Unable to Complete the format”. When I use the normal format, it continue until 99% or even more and then return and error. When I used the SDFormatter, it returned the error that the SD is write protected. I made sure that the write click key is released, but it continues to return the same error.

I am able to read the data and files on the SD apart from two files. I tried chkdsk but it didnt work.

Please advise.

Thanking you in advance,


Just registered to answer you.

I got the same problem with 2 of my SDXC cards from SanDisk 64 GB. The suddenly stopped working after a couple of months, but I was able to access all files.

Tried with Low Level HDD formatter, SDFormatter 4, Gparted, Testdisk 7.1, RescPhoto, gparted on RescueDisk. Different PCs and card readers. NTFS, extFAT, doesn’t matter. Different readers, adapters … nothing helps.

SDFormatter shows the SDXC is write protected, the low level formatter Tool goes through the whole process formatting (2 hours), completes, but nothing happens, Testdisk and gparted shows I/O error, testdisk is showing attribute setting error. Same with formatting under Windows. 

If you access the files and right click you don’t even see the context menu “Delete” at all. Properties of the files show “Write protected” and removing the flag doesn’t help (I/O error). And no, I didn’t have the write lock on in the adapter.

The only solution: copy your files to your PC as fast as possible, spend 10 bucks more and get a SD card from a vendor which really cares. I’m using 3x Transcend SDXC 10 UHS-1 64GB in a GoPro and 2 Phones without any problems!