Micro SD 32gb corrupted, cant reformat, write protected.

Good day,

Today while on my phone, my micro sd card decided to start acting funny and removed itself from my phone, meaning I cannot mount or view my micro sd card on my phone at all. after an hour or so after taking out the card and putting it back in to no avail I decided to try it on my computer (windows 7)

It shows up in my computer while using a Micro SD to USB adapter but cant be formatted because its write protected, so i got a Micro SD to SD adapter and had the adapter in the UNLOCKED position, it wont read my 32gb micro sd card but will read my other micro sd cards when insterted into the SD card slot on my computer. 

I’ve tried:
* Formatting with SD Formatter (says memory card is “write-protected”)
* Formatting on my computer (Windows 7)
* The “My Computer>Manage>Disk Management/Changing Path and Volume” method

There is no write protect switch on my micro sd card so i cant desengage that.

Any idea on what i can do to disable the write protect and/or format this blasted thing?

Nope it’s shafted, return it for replacement