write protected errors again hoorrrraaay, its the 4th sandisk memory products failing

along my long long years in digital world, I bought several sandisk products in indonesia, during those long years, every sandisk memory products (microsd, flash drives) only last about a year, before going “read only error mode”, can’t format, can’t delet, nothing

I got 1 cruzer fit, 2 sandisk microsd which went read only without any clear warranty support (shady Indonesian market and suppliers as usual, all claimed to official sandisk partners, this time, it was OMEGA, whatever)

And during the recent new year eve, my sandisk dual drive OTG 64 gb went read only too, its only been a year since I bought it, and the slider is broken too without me even realizing it how

and the supplier is PT. INDOTELEKOMUNIKASI CEMERLANG, which doesnt even have a site nor an email, shady as usual, like living in the 80"s

any advise on what should I do ? throwing out this drive to trash can as usual ?

FYI Its really a great experience to recover datas at new year eve, u guys at sandisk should try it


Well, if it’s truly a SanDisk return it to SanDisk for a replacement. 

I never bought any counterfeits, I always bought legit ones, but often with “shady” legit aftersales services nor warranty by “official” sandisk Indonesia, unfortunately

The same applies to all Indonesians who bought any sandisk products from any “Indonesian Certified/Official Sandisk Partners”

This time the “Official” Sandisk partner goes by the name of “PT Indotelekomunikasi Cemerlang” who doesnt even have a site nor a support email, but gave an official national warranty service in Indonesia, along with Indonesian Tax,sold at ecommerce “blanja.com” which owned by Indonesian government

it appeared that Im f*ck*d for the 4th times in a samely manner

And since I bought 2 sandisk OTG dual drives 64gb last year, it appears that it is only a matter of time, before Im f*ck*d for the 5th times in a samely manner

I’m glad Im not buying sandisk SSD at last year sale event in Indonesia, sigh

You never intentionally bought counterfeits but remember counterfeits look just like authentic ones and your experience is just about the definition of what a counterfeit drive is.