From what I can tell Sandisk has known about the write protected error for at least 5 years,yet they keep selling a known defective product.WHY?Why don’t you take it off the market?Why do you knowingly sell defective products?Why doesn’t your tech support department even remotely care?One guy got mad because I asked him to speak up.The other guy was just mumbling unintelligently.You have supposed tech support guys in the Amazon review thread  running interference and deflecting the truth.

 So Sandisk- why are you running this rouge corporation that sells defective goods and does not support them?

 The best part is how you make the RMA so difficult people just give up.Well,I give up on getting a fair deal,but if I can warn thousands of customers that they are going to get their money stolen it will be worth it.

from everything I have read (it has been stated here by sandisk before as well) write protect occurs when the drive detects a fault and locks into write protect to prevent data loss. Sandisk sells multiple millions of USB drives each year and while seeing others report write protect issues may seem like a large problem when the number of failures are compared to the number of drives sold it is actually quite small. Undoubtedly well within the expected failure rates and quality standards. 

While you may see this as something that is inconvenient this is a non destructive failure which is much preferred over a full destructive failure that could occur otherwise so this is the far better choice for anyone that wants to keep the data. 

I have had to deal with sandisk for warranty before and they are quite easy IMO. They send me a label i return the product they send a replacement. this is pretty much standard for electronic equipment. 

Lastly there is no reason to create multiple posts. A single post is sufficient. 

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