SanDisk Memory Vault 8GB read only at 5GB

           I bought the SanDisk under the impression from the guy that sold me on it that it was a good way to back up ur system and files and what not. I’m not a computer tech by any means so i had no idea that you are limited on time i guess not really sure. So i’ve used 5 GB od memory and there is 8GB on it and all the sudden it switched to Read only. What’s the deal with that and how do i change it. I cant write anything to the vault anymore and there is roughly 2 GB of space left. So really i bought a 5 GB SanDisk. Is there anyone who can please help me with this i have things on there i need to use and i can’t. This threw a huge wrench in my program and im greatly disapointed in both the designer of the product and the jerk of a salesman who backdoored me by saying it should last a lifetime. Well it will but with not ever being able to remove the files or write to it again. I hope it lasts. Such a terrible design. I appreciate any and all help i have to get the files off it that i need for work. Desperate here thanks

There are some defective drives out there. There is no solution other than returning the drive to your dealer (or SanDisk). Returning to your dealer would certainly be your quickest option.

thank you for your response and your right except for the fact they too cannot retrieve the info off the Sandisk. I find it to be not true. If i was the devolper i would have made a backdoor for myself incase there were alot of issues like mine. So im pretty much stuck with it. I’ll never buy **bleep** products again. Who devoleps something that is limited to the number of write’s and then goes to read only no matter how much of the disc space is left. Not very thought out in my opinion.

Again thank youfor your time…

If i was the devolper i would have made a backdoor for myself incase there were alot of issues like mine.”

Then you would be a failure because the “backdoor” would be spread across the Internet and your secure app would be meaningless.

It’s not easy developing a product, hardware or software, to run on multiple versions of operating systems, running on multiple types of machines, with multiple other products concurrently without ever experiencing a problem.

To this day the cause of the problem you are experience is unknown.  Does it occur, yes.  Why does it occur…

The SanDisk Memory Vault is a unique flash memory device intended for archiving images, documents and video for passing down to children, grand children etc.  From the SanDisk introduction “SanDisk has created the SanDisk® Memory Vault to ensure your photos and videos last for generations”.  It was designed to last up to 100 years.  It was not designed for continual rewriting until it failed. 

All flash memory have a write limit but current devices last many thousand erase/write cycles.  Standard flash memory also have a end of life of stored data and the data needs to be rewritten every five years or so or it can degrade to the point of being unreadable. 

In order to ensure the stored items are secure in the SanDisk Memory Vault, the number of erase/write cycles is limited.  The storage life has also been extended.  Under ‘LED Activity’ in the Quick Start Guide appears the statement “The LED blinks RAPIDLY when the device is approaching end of writing life and will become READ ONLY. User can continue to write to the device, however, the device will change to read only mode after it is disconnected and re-connected.”

It would have been useful if a way to determine when the write cycle limit was being approached but unfortunately there isn’t even a guide as to what that number is.  I have a number of SanDisk flash memory devices and have had no problem with them.  I recently purchased a Memory Vault and am concerned about hitting the write limit as you did.  I will attempt to have all items I add to the Vault in a final state that will not require revising.

It appears to me the sales person did not understand your intended use and sold you an incorrect item for your purpose.  Try a standard SD or SDHC flash memory.  They’ll also be a lot less expensive than the Memory Vault device.