Works with WMPlayer, not rhapsody

I bought a Sansa 2GB Clip and plugged it into my computer yesterday and windows media player immediately popped up and synced with it. I tried to do the same with Rhapsody, as I’ve got a subscription there and wanted to add some music I have from that service. I tried resetting, deauthorizing, reauthorizing, formatting, and I’m about at my wit’s end. I got this player to work with Rhapsody, and I’m pretty bummed that it doesn’t.

There is one thing that bugs me: when I try to reset the secure clock, the blue bar doesn’t appear on the bottom of the Rhapsody window like it does when I complete other tasks like deauthorizing and renewing the license. I don’t know how to fix it, but I think the problem is my Clip’s secure clock won’t reset.

I think that you have to “install” the player for Rhapsody to recognize it.  You can go to the Rhapsody home page and choose “Devices” from the “How It Works” dropdown. 

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Do you have a Rhapsody Unlimited, or To Go subscription?  I initially thought of the “unlimited” as meaning exactly that, the whole enchilada.  The “to go” version is the mode of choice, allowing download to your device.

You can check your account status via the My Account tab in the Rhapsody 4 client.  Be sure it’s the To Go version.

With your trusty Clip plugged in, in MTP mode, it must display in Caps and Smalls as Sansa Clip 2GB for example.  If it displays as E:SANSA CLIP all in caps, the device is in MSC mode, and cannot accept “to go” transfers.

First, after logging in, verify the computer is authorized by playing a track from the Music Guide, or select a Channel.  If you click My Account, verify that the Authorize button is not visible.  If it IS, go ahead and click it, as we found the initial problem.  All is well if the Deauthorize button shows.

The Clip should be listed in the sources pane in the upper left.  Right-click on the Clip.  Select Authorize.  Does it toggle over to “deauthorize” being visible? 

Select a track from your library or from the Music Guide, and drag it over to the Clip.  Once you release the mouse button, does the progress bar at the bottom of the screen change?  It should show the transfer in progress. 

Be forewarned that tracks will take about 30 seconds apiece, with a tail wind blowing, as they are protected media files (DRM).  This is normal.

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I know my subscription supports mp3 players because my friend has an identical clip that we both bought at the same time… and his works I checked my account and it says it supports up to 4 devices (It’s the To Go one). I tried MTP mode, MSC mode, Deauthorizing and Reauthorizing in both modes, Resetting the clock (did not get the blue bar that normally shows up when Rhapsody finishes a process) and nothing seems to fix it. I’ve reset the device, formatted it, tried all these steps in varying order… nothing.

When I drag a track onto the Clip in the sources panel, it starts to transfer, then I get an error that the secure clock is dumb and hates me or soemthing to that effect. I know the Clip recognizes Rhapsody because it adds the “Rhapsody channels” menu item and I get the little circle next to the battery indicator.

I think I might have gotten one with a faulty clock, because it works otherwise. Non-DRM stuff loads no problem. If I have a song on my computer that I sync to the Clip through Rhapsody, no problem at all. Just the DRM stuff.

On the Clip, select Settings > Format > Yes and try authorizing the Clip again.  Note that this will clear all data previously transferred to the Clip.

Rhapsody allows three devices per account.

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Is there a way to reset the secure clock from the player itself?

Only via formatting and reauthorizing either via the Windows Media Player “magic” clock pop up screen, or easily via the Rhapsody 4 client.

Here’s a handy comparison of methods:

Rhapsody:   Open the R4 client, connecting the Sansa via MTP mode.  In the Sources pane in the upper left, hold [Ctrl] [Shift] and right click on the device.

Reset Secure Clock will now be visible in the drop down menu. Cool, huh?

Windows Media Player:   Open the WiMP application.  With a freshly formatted device connected, start clicking frantically at the pretty buttons at the top of the screen.  Unplug your Sansa, and dip it in peanut butter.  Plug in again while thinking happy thoughts.

Did the “Do you want to reset the secure clock” window pop up?  Hmm… that worked for me last time it came up.

Method two:  Borrow a set of glass slippers, and frantically click your heels together after plugging in the device, chanting the following mantra: “There’s no place like Seattle!  I miss Windows ME!  I love Vista!”  Did the mask appear?

Method three: Go on line and search Microsoft’s help desk.  Go ahead and enter your credit card information, and sign up for all those happy assistance programs available.  Log in and ask away.  Call them via telephone, and if you think of it, go ahead and refer to the happy mantras above.  Don’t be shy, we’ll wait.  Perhaps, if you haven’t returned the slippers, use them while on the phone.  Did the mask pop up?

In short, for secure clock issues, format, then deauthorize / reauthorize should do the trick, or forcing the clock sync via the [Ctrl][Shift] right click <Reset Secure Clock> should do the trick.  The secure clock is different from the device’s display clock (This note is for those who are encountering an issue with one of the Sansa models with LCD display).  You can set that one to mid-afternoon in Turkmenistan, if you wish, without affecting the DRM secure clock.

There were some devices with secure clock issues.  Reinstalling the latest firmware is always a good idea.  Check the firmware thread for your application.

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I tried resetting from rhapsody. THe blue bar at the bottom that normally shows up when a task finished never shows up and I can’t load songs still. I have the latest firmware (v01.01.29A). It says my license expries on 10/10/2008. I’m thinking this little guy is on the road to RMAtown.