sync problem: device secure clock?

i’ve reset the internal clock from the rhapsody side, formatted the clip, made sure the internal comp clock was sync to the internet clock. i’m still unable to transfer songs to the clip with rhapsody’s bb free month. any ideas?

Deauthorize the device,  deauthorize the computer,  reauthorize the computer and Authorize device.

Make sure you have WMP11 installed on the computer for Rhapsody to work. 

i did everything you said twice and there’s still no transfer. i do have the latest firmware 1.1.2 for my 4gb clip. the free bb month came from the 2gb clip, and i bought the 4 gb clip direct from sandisk. if that matters. the account states it’s subscription to go and i should not have any problems. yet i’m still getting the same message. it does allow me to transfer some of my own imported music on my hard drive not all.

Look in the Sources pane of the Rhapsody client.  Is the Clip listed with a drive letter assigned?  If so, it’s in MSC mode, and Rhapsody cannot transfer the subscription tracks to it- MTP mode is required.

If it’s confusing (I empathise), you can call their tech support line via telephone.  You’re running the Best Buy variant…click on Help > Customer Support…or call direct at  1-866-401-7312.

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This might work I was having a problem with my sansa clip 2gb displaying the correct time when syncing files, the files’ modified date was wrong. I called the tech support line they told me to do the following: “turn off the player then flip the button on the side to lock position where it is showing orange, then press and hold the center button on the player and connect it to the pc wait until its installed then go to my computer and right click the player and choose format.” this should solve your problem it displays the correct time in the files i transfer now so you could try it. hope this helps


Cause and Solution to Secure Clock Error 

First thing you need to do is open up your task manager by clicking control alt delete. 

Select the tab “processes.”  In the process tab you will see a list of programs that are currently running, if you locate a file called csrss.exe it could be a trojan virus that is blocking your subscription music from communicating with your computer properly.  It also effects a lot other things including hardware, personal information, security, etc.  but for this post we will keep it specificly on the secure clock error.  This csrss.exe trojan/virus causes your computer’s internal system to not function correctly including the secure clock.   

NOW WAIT! There are two different csrss.exe files, a good one and a bad/trojan one.  All windows computers have a csrss.exe file on them and this “good” csrss.exe file is need in order for your computer to run propertly so don’t do anything with it until you determine if you have the “good” one or the “bad” one. 

You must first determine whether the csrss.exe file that is running on your computer is the “good” one that ships with the computer (inside your systems32 folder) or whether you have the trojan/virus csrss.exe file infecting your computer and secure clock. 

Since the systems32 program and the Trojan/virus are both name csrss.exe you must run a quick test to see if you have the bad one or the good one or both.

First locate all fo the csrss.exe files inside your “processes” tab inside task manager (you may have more then one).  The way to tell if you have the trojan or “bad” csrss.exe is by right clicking on it and selecting “end task.”  If you have the “good” one then you should get a windows pop up message.  If you you get the windows pop up message, do NOT “end” the task, just ex out or cancel out of it.  You do not want to end the “good” csrss.exe file because it is needed in order for your computer to work properly.  If you “end task” on the good csrss.exe file then your computer will instantly crash (since it is needed to run). 

If when you right click on the csrss.exe file and select “end task” you do NOT get a windows pop up then you may very likely have the csrss.exe trojan virus.  In addition to the right click test you may want to simply look at where this file is located.  If it is in your systems folder it is the good one, if it is anywhere else it is propably the bad one. 

The trojan/virsu version of this csrss.exe file interferes with many of the communication hardware,drivers, software, security, etc., including rhapsody and will prompt this secure clock error message. 

The only way to remove this csrss.exe trojan is to perform a system recovery on your computer returning your computer back to the original manufacturers settings.  There is no way to clean, delete or remove this file trojan, you must perform a complete clean of your system by doing a system recover.

If you cannont determine whether your csrss.exe file are good one or bad ones simply back up your files and software and do a system recovery anyway, your rhapsody and mp3 player will then work fine.

Sorry if this sounds flippant, but they give you a month of Rhapsody so you can decide out whether you like it enough to continue subscribing.  You are in the process of deciding.