Working Video Converter for Fuze???

Hello Friends,

I just want to ask that if someone knows a working video converter for the Fuze, other than SMC as the file size it produces is too big. I have used Rhapsody as well, but the problem with that is low video quality. Though it got video quality settings slider but it did not seems to work.

Also, I noticed that it used xvid video encoder for converting the video, on the other side SMC uses Divx video encoder. So, is there any other video converter application like Rhapsody that supports Fuze or getting an older firmware will be a good choice?

Please advice

Currently, the video format that the Fuze uses is something weird and non-standard. They have said that they are trying to come up with a way to eliminate the need for SMC in a possible future firmware release.

Otherwise, as far as I know nobody has been able to come up with the magic key or secret to create a video that will play on the Fuze without having to pass it thru either SMC or the Rhapsody software.

I use the Any Video Converter to convert any video (WOAH!!! That’s why they call it that!) to .avi, but I haven’t tried to drag and drop the video yet. And at the moment, I cannot try, because my Fuze is screwed up at the moment.

best thing to do is convert it to the proper resolution and framerate with something else (there are several programs out there) and then run it through SMC (this will of couurse only work if you are running Windows)